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iron-male Black Hat
iron-male Black Hat

About us - Ironmale is an initiative spawned through a collaboration with the MIT Museum and MIT Alum Nima Veiseh to raise awareness for young women who want to become scientists and work in STEM professions. Nima's own mother, Sholeh, is the original inspiration for Ironmale, and is the reason why Nima says they learned science in their home from the earliest age. Today, young women across the country are turning to STEM professions in record numbers, but the requirements for college applicants who aspire to top universities have never been more rigorous, with expensive summer camps and extracurricular opportunities now being the norm for any competitive college application. We help fund those opportunities.
Insanely Soft Shirts - Built tough enough for the Gym & soft enough for all day use, they feel amazing, seriously.
Purchase with Purpose - Part of proceeds go to scholarships and partner organizations that support girls in science, like the Scienista Foundation, Girls4Science & Association for Women in Science. Lifting Girls Lifts Everyone - According to the United Nations, the biggest indicator of economic and social progress is the education and treatment of girls in a society.
Support Fe-males! - Women make up the iron core of society. On the Periodic Table of the Elements, Iron is abbreviated from the latin word "Ferrous". Every purchase helps support the first girl to step on Mars, or the next to win a Nobel Prize.

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